Friday, October 06, 2006

Trip to Idaho & Utah

We are back! We have been in Idaho & Utah for the last couple of weeks. My parents were able to come back from Guatemala for General Conference. My dad spoke in the Sunday afternoon session so the whole family was able to be together and support him. He did a great job and we are all so proud of him. It was so fun to be together with the family.

Upon arriving to SLC Christie and I took the three little ones on up to Idaho
to be with Jeanette and her family.
Jeanette had her fifth baby on September 1st so we went up to be there for the baby blessing.
On Saturday we all went to Denton's football game to cheer him on.

Go Denton!Ellie and her cousin Lydia.On Saturday afternoon we went painting in Jeanette's backyard which consists of 16 beautiful acres. I even joined in on the fun. It was a blast... even though I did get a welt on my arm and still have a nice bruise to remind myself of the event.
Mom & Alex enjoying the fire during the paintball game.
On Sunday we were able to see Evie's (Jeanette's fifth baby) blessing.

Grandma & Ellie on the tramp.

Ellie LOVED jumping on the tramp and would squeal with delight whenever we jumped!