Sunday, May 11, 2008

A Mother's Day Tribute...

To the greatest Mom in the world, literally. We are so lucky to call you our Mom. Love you! XO

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Our Seattle Adventure

My friend, Dewi, planned out a little adventure for the four of us. The 1st Thursday of the month is free admissions at the Seattle Art Museum (SAM) so we decided to give our girls their first cultural experience. We headed into Seattle via bus to make the trip a little easier. The girls were SO excited to be riding the "school bus."
The girls in front of SAM

For Ellie, the highlight of the museum was me pointing out where the "Please Do Not Touch" sign was on each and every exhibit that we were interested in looking at. The other highlight was definitely asking where the closest escalator was (she asked about twenty times.) I think she was interested in knowing the closest escape route in case this became too boring for her :)
Overall the girls did great throughout the museum.
This was them at the end of the experience... begging to eat the lunches we had packed for them.
We headed to the closest park and had our little picnic.
Upon exiting the museum we realized Pike's Place Market was just a block away so we decided to take a little detour and find some goodies.
We found the freshly baked donuts that are famous at the market and enjoyed a little treat at the end of our adventure!
Enjoying a little rest :)
The trip home.....