Friday, February 23, 2007

Playdate with Jack & Hazel

Ellie had a fun playdate with her friends Jack and Hazel. It was a little bit chaotic trying to get the three toddlers to share but they still had fun. The highlight was playing on the slide at the end. We could hardly get the kids to wait for their turn but they all survived!

Ellie's First Manicure

Yesterday I gave Ellie her first manicure. Luckily, I used the type of nail polish that dries in less than a minute because she was so fascinated with her new nail color she could hardly wait to touch her nails!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

A Sunny Day

Yesterday we had an unusually sunny day for February in Seattle. We were able to get outside and do some yard work and enjoy the sun. Ellie had a great time playing ball with her dad! We were all grateful to see the sun again!
Hopefully this means spring is coming soon? I am not so sure!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

My poor baby has croup!

Ellie has been sick for a week now. She started off with a cold and a bit of a fever. She has had a fever on and off and a runny nose(she is getting 4 teeth in so I think it has been a combination cold/teething symtoms). A couple of nights ago she started with a cough. Then this morning she woke up and was pulling at her ear... I asked her if it hurt and she said yes. So I made the first appointment that I could with the doctor this morning. Well... no ear infection but it turns out she does have croup! The poor little thing! I didn't even think too much of the cough because she is mostly coughing when she sleeps and first thing in the morning.... but it turns out that is when croup is at its worst because she is lying down then. So we have to get a humidifier in her room and prop up her crib mattress and make sure to listen to her breathing while she sleeps to make sure she doesn't get strider which develops with really bad croup and can create difficulty breathing so we would have to take her straight to the ER! Yikes!
So we have been couped up at home for the last week and it looks like we will have to stay that way for probably another week! I am getting cabin fever!