Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Pumpkin Patch

On Friday we went to the Pumpkin Patch with some friends. It was a sunny but rather chilly day. These girls were on the quest for the perfect pumpkin and went up and down the field before each finding "the keeper." On the lookout...
King of the haystack
Say cheese :)
Taking a break from the quest

Caramel Apples

Last Monday we went over to our friends house for a special family night of making caramel apples. It was a fun adventure that was simply delicious. Who knew that the tangy combination of a granny smith apple topped with caramel sauce and lots of goodies could turn into such a tasty creation! I think this activity has to go on the list of traditions for the month!All the kiddos being creative with their apples... there were so many choices for toppings!
Ellie making her apple

Monday, October 22, 2007


I love traditions... what they stand for, the great memories that they help recall and continue to create. One of my favorite Clarke family traditions is making pumpkin shaped sugar cookies in October. Since my birthday is in October when the tradition stood that you brought cupcakes to class on your birthday.... we always made my moms amazing melt in your mouth sugar cookies.. and they were always a hit. Now we continue the tradition and make the sugar cookies every October and then again in February as heart shapes for Valentine's day. It is a good thing this tradition is just twice a year... because I have already eatten 8 LARGE pumpkin cookies today so I am glad we don't do this more often.

Our friends Hazel and Dewi came over to help us make our pumpkin cookies which made it a great fall activity. Ellie's favorite part was snitching the candy corns off the cookies!
Hard at work
The fun part!
Resting after a long morning of cooking!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Only in Park City Utah....

We took our semi-annual trip to Utah a couple of weeks ago to see my parents while they were home for conference. We enjoyed the sun and some eighty degree weather and then over the weekend... it snowed! It was unbelievable.... that only happens in Utah. We loved it though... I got my sun fix and my sister from Arizona got her snow fix. It was great.

We had a nice week with my parents. After the month in July it seems that this trip was so short... we didn't get enough time... but we will be able to see them in a few months.

Some of the things we did while we were there:

Trip to Antelope Island

Lots of crazy cousin time!
Ellie SO excited when Brandon flew in for the weekend
More cousin time...
Hot air balloons in Park City
All the cousins at temple square
Ellie at the conference center