Saturday, June 23, 2007

Grandmother Jackson

My Grandmother passed away last Saturday, June 16th. We heard the news while we were in California with my brother and sisters. My mom was able to come home (Twin Falls, Idaho) from Guatemala to see my grandmother before she passed away. My mom had been there less than 24 hours before she was gone. But at least she was able to say good-bye. We came home from California and I left within a day to fly to Idaho to be there for the funeral service which was on Wednesday. My Grandmother was a beautiful lady. She was down to earth, outgoing, accepting and genuine. We will always remember her quick wit, optimistic attitude and many acts of kindness.

While we were in Idaho we enjoyed time with family and reminiscing. We have so many great memories on summer days on my grandparents farm in Idaho.

My Mom and I enjoying some relaxing time on the swing.
We used to sit out there for ours with my grandparents while they would tell us stories.

Nate and Todd putting pennies on the tracks.
About one half a mile from my grandparents farm there are some freight train tracks. We used to walk out there and put pennies on the tracks and go back the next day to collect the flattened pennies. We decided to keep the tradition and went out late one night to put pennies on the tracks.

Picking up maple bars and apple fritters from Swen Mart.

My grandpa always woke up when the sun came up. He would go down to the local Swen Mart and pick up maple bars and apple fritters every morning. By the time we woke up he would have made a HUGE breakfast of the best scrambled eggs, bacon, toast and of course warmed up maple bars!

Feeding the cows!

We always enjoyed going out to the pasture and teasing the cows. My grandpa built tree houses out there and we would have a great time running through pastures to get to them.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Brandon and I went took a trip to California this weekend. Ellie spent a fun weekend with Grandma and Grandpa Rowley (thank you!). We stayed at my brother Todd's house in Temecula. We had such a fun trip and LOVED the California weather!

Lunch at Rubio's


The Mud Run was more fun than we ever could have imagined. We ran it as a team.. we laughed a lot... helped eachother throught the obstacles (especially the mud walls!) and got VERY muddy!


Gearing ourselves up for the big race.....
So we didn't find out until the day before the race that you have to duck tape your shoes to your legs or your shoes would fall off in the mud! That made me a bit nervous about the intensity of the course!
The final stretch Finishing!

After.... Celebrating at Pinkberry's after the race
Family smores around the firepit

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Mud Run 2007

"This is the World Famous Mud Run! The Mud Run is a challenging 10K run with hills, tire obstacles, river crossings, two 5-foot walls with mud on both sides, tunnel crawl, slippery hill climb, and the final 30-foot mud pit."

Brandon and I are heading to California tonight. We are doing the Camp Pendelton 10k mud run this weekend with my brother, Todd, and my sisters, Jeanette and Christie, and my BIL Alan. We can hardly wait. We have been training but some of the obstacles are a little bit hard to train for. Wish us luck! We'll post pictures next week!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Happy Birthday Ellie!

We had a great time celebrating Ellie's second birthday with Brandon's family on Saturday. Ellie loved all the attention that having a birthday entails! We had a bbq and Ellie actually ate more than she ever has. She was sitting on Aunt Rachelle's lap and wanted to eat everything that she was eating. Ellie has never been a picky eater but at the same time I have never seen her eat so much. I was happy to know that she enjoyed her birthday dinner.

Of course she enjoyed the cake the most. You can see that from the pictures. She loved blowing the candles out and actually had the opportunity to do it more than once. I saw the cute sparkler candles at Party City and decided to use them for Ellie's cake.... little did I know that they were trick candles! I don't think Ellie minded but she was rather confused as to why the candles kept on relighting. We all had a great laugh and got some great pictures.

Happy birthday Ellie!

June 6, 2007

Elizabeth Anne Rowley turned TWO on Wednesday June 6, 2007. We had a fun filled day! Ellie's favorite breakfast.... waffles with peanut butter!
Of course she got the "You are Special Today plate." A birthday tradition passed on from my family. The birthday girl! We can not believe she is already two!
On our way to music class.
Celebrating at music class with cupcakes!
Making a wish!

Friday, June 01, 2007

Farrel McWhirter Farm Park

Yesterday we went to Farrel McWhirter Farm Park with Kacey and Jack to see some animals.
Ellie is wearing her little dress that my mom bought for her while we were in Guatemala.
Staring at the goats. Ellie had never seen rabbits before. She kept on calling them dog dogs.
I am always so amazed at how much Ellie loves seeing the animals. She is so fascinated with them. I love seeing her reaction.
Playing in the big grass area.
I couldn't get any pictures of Ellie and Jack facing towards the camera. They were way too excited about the animals to ever turn out and take a picture. Oh well... the are so cute from behind as well!

Summer Swimmin'

On Wednesday it got up to 87 degrees here. Everyone is complaining about how hot it is....
while I am LOVING it!
Our friends, the Roundys, invited us to go swimming at the club with them. We had a great time. Ellie just loved the kiddie pool.
Ellie and Mattie
Relaxing in the Sun
Cooling off with some ice cream! Yummy!

Hanging out in the front yard