Friday, January 09, 2009


So I know I am a bit behind.. but I think I have a pretty good excuse :)

We spent the holidays in Guatemala with my parents. We barely made it out of Seattle among the chaos of a week long snowstorm in Seattle. Being that this area isn't used to much snow, they aren't exactly prepared to deal with it. People had been stranded in the airport for days, half the flights were canceled the day we left, but somehow we thankfully made it out without any problems.

The pilot invited Ellie to check out the cockpit and she excitedly accepted the invitation.
Santa made his rounds about the airport and Ellie was ecstatic to meet him. He had a real white beard and everything! He even gave out coloring books to keep the kids entertained. It was so fun. There were also Charles Dickens carolers walking through the airport singing. It was really the best airport experience we have ever had! I think they were trying to entertain all the stranded people!

So there are a few experiences in Guatemala that I didn't get documented but the highlights included Christmas morning with the orphans, a day at the amusement park, a couple of days at the best water park we have ever been to, an eye clinic for 500 Guatemalans and TONS of time with my family :)
The cousins at the end of a fun day at the water park. The best part was that Ellie could go on so many of the rides!

The wave pool. The little Miss was hesitant about the wave pool at first (like a little bit hysterical) but once we got out she kept talking about how much fun it was.
One of the many places for the kiddies to play.
The water slide at the resort we stayed out. There were about 20 peacocks that roamed around. They weren't afraid of the people at all. They were so pretty!

We spent a day at Antigua with my Mom. Ellie and I had been before but it was Brandon's first time. It is such an amazing city with so much history.

The little Miss