Monday, July 30, 2007

July- A Month Long Vacation

Well... it has been a month and we are finally back! Ellie and I headed on our trip a week earlier than expected to squeeze in a couple more adventures than we had originally planned. I changed our ticket two hours before the flight was leaving and packed a month worth of clothes for Ellie and myself in an hours time and rushed to the airport in 12 minutes to arrive within forty five minutes of the flights departure. We wanted to make it to Utah in time for the caravan that was heading up to Idaho be hang out on Jeanette (my oldest sisters) farm for a week.

Ellie loved it. The first night we were there we were barbequeing in the backyard. Ellie kept coming up to me saying something like goose (I thought we was saying shoes) and trying to pull me over to show me something. I couldn't figure out what she was saying until I finally relented and followed her so she could show me whatever it was that she had found. Well.. it turns out that she didn't know the difference between chickens and geese.... because she wanted to show the chickens! She loved seeing animals and playing with all of her cousins at my sisters house.

For the fourth of July we headed to Jackson Hole Wyoming.

Watching the Shoot Out

Ellie and her cousin, Lydia, Dancing before the fireworks began

Ellie resting before the fireworks show.

I was so worried about keeping Ellie up so late to watch the fireworks. It turns out I didn't need to worry afterall. She was laying down next to me during the fireworks. When the show started for the first couple of fireworks she would say.. I scared... then say, more. For the first three rounds of fireworks this was her routine. Then I didn't hear anything... she fell right to sleep and slept through the remainder of the fireworks show! I couldn't believe it!

The next adventure for the family was Yellowstone Park. Ellie loved seeing all the animals... bison, geese, elk, and deer. The highlight of the day was swimming the river!

Watching Old Faithful!
A day at the Hot Springs!
After a week in Idaho we headed back for Utah for two weeks at my parents house in Park City.
There were two things that Ellie just LOVED at my parents house in Park City.

The first was their trampoline.

Playtime with grandpa and the grandkids!

The second was Nate and Carla's dog, Tofu. She couldn't get enough of him! The poor little guy was scared to death of her... but I think they eventually learned how to get along.

The last of the four weeks was a family reuion at Lake Tahoe in California. It was beautiful! We spent the week on the beach, at the pool, bicycling around the lake, hiking and playing games.