Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I love the Oregon Coast

We spent a few days at Cannon Beach in August. It's tradition. I love it. The kids love it.. and so does Brandon! My Mom was watching Ben's kids for a week so they came along for a couple of days. Ellie just LOVED having her cousins come with us! I love the views, relaxing by the beach, and the adorable little beach town. Although we are at the beach, it is COLD ocean water. No one in our family fully gets in the water. It is more just about playing in the sand, finding sea creatures at Haystack rock and playing in the shallow water. My Mom just about froze while she was there. She expected warm beachy weather. She was coming from Guatemala- the land of eternal spring. She is not accustomed to cold weather and it was pretty chilly our first couple of days. It warmed up to 80 degrees by the the end of our trip, but my Mom was already heading back home by then. It was fun to show my Mom around one of our favorite little spots. I can't wait for next summer!

Ellie lost her first tooth!

Big news at the Rowley household. Ellie lost her first tooth! She was pleasantly surprised when the tooth fairy gave her a dollar AND let her keep her tooth. We had to make sure to clarify that it is JUST the first tooth that the tooth fairy would let her keep. Since then she has lost a second tooth as well. Her permanent tooth starting to grow in behind her tooth and I had to do some convincing that her tooth had to come out!!