Thursday, March 22, 2007

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Ellie was invited to a St. Patrick's Day party this week. She had so much fun! They painted rainbows, went for a treasure hunt and ate yummy green snacks! The girls are searching for the treasure... the clue is right above their little heads on the leprechaun's hat.
The treasure is under the rainbow!
All the kids with their treasure in the pots of gold!

Friday, March 16, 2007

Trip to the Home Depot

For those of you that really know our little Ellie... the following story will SHOCK you!

Daylight savings has caused havoc to Ellie's sleeping schedule. Right now she is having a very difficult time with her nap. I am having a hard time not making her take a nap. A little bit of a power struggle going on here over this if you can't tell. Anyway, the other day Ellie won and she didn't take a nap. Around 4 pm we headed over to Home Depot to order some new windows and pick up some paint for this weekends project... painting the master bedroom! Well... it seemed like a LONG car ride over to Home Depot because Ellie was a bit cranky because she hadn't taken her nap. By the end of the ride. it was quiet.. and Ellie had fallen asleep! I was shocked. This is not a little girl that easily falls asleep in the car. Anyway... that was the least shocking of the following experience. I was torn as to what to do.... should I drive right back home and put her to bed... or do I actually wake her up and continue with my shopping trip? I decided I need to get the shopping done and decided to pick her up and see what happened. I took her out of the car seat and she stayed asleep. I walked into home depot holding Ellie in my arms and pushing a shopping cart... the speakers at Home Depot blaring their various announcements... still Ellie didn't even restle in my arms... unbelievable. I go to the window department... still with Ellie in my arms... sit down with the Home Depot guy... go through the entire order... still asleep. Now by this time and was getting a bit tired attempting to hold her with one arm and push the cart with the other and I still had a bit of shopping to do. I had a dilemma....should I actually put my sleeping child inside the shopping cart and let her continue to sleep...I had seen it done before but should I actually do it and the real question was... would she actually stay asleep? I tried it..... and the following is proof of the story that no one in my family would ever believe.

I continued to shop for 30 more minutes while Ellie slept peacefully in the cart.

Friday, March 02, 2007