Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Perfect Saturday

Today was the perfect, sunny and filled with endless summer fun.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Cleaning her room....

Ellie has become rather particular in her fashion. No matter what anyone says.. she wakes up the morning with a very specific outfit in mind that she is going to wear. If that outfit is dirty or is no where to be found.... watch out! In Ellie's search for the perfect outfit for the day she tosses the majority of her clothes from her dresser onto the floor. I have become rather frustrated with this little daily routine and have started requesting that Ellie put her clothes back into her dresser after she has found what she was searching for.

This is what happens when I ask my three year old to clean her room... at least the clothes are off the floor...right?


My little sous-chef exhausted from another day of helping in the kitchen.....

Friday, June 20, 2008

Sound to Narrows

The pre-race pep talk from her dad
Look at her go
Crossing the finish line with Grandma Rowley

We ran the Sound to Narrows 12k race with the Rowley family this month. It was a beautiful course. Brandon and I ran the race together. It was such a fun event. Ellie ran the 20 yard diaper dash. She wasn't done at the end of the race. She kept on running and even ran with Grandma Rowley when she finished her race.

Thursday, June 19, 2008


You know you live in Seattle when it is a high of 69 degrees on June 19th and your three year old complains that it is TOO hot!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Birthday Girl!

To our complete amazement.. our little girl is growing up! Ellie turned 3 last week!
The new ride...
Fun with friends
Treats..... and lots of them!
What's a party without a pinata?
And the loot.....

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

We did it!....Ellie's First Haircut

I have gotten my haircut by my friend, Laura, since my days at BYU. She even did my hair for my wedding. Every time I go back to Utah I try to squeeze in an appointment with her so I can get a good cut until the next I'm back into town. So of course I only trusted Laura with Ellie's first haircut. WOW... it was FUN! Ellie did such a great job of listening to directions and holding still and being HAPPY during the whole experience. I was so impressed. And of course Laura did a fabulous job.
Walking through the whole process with my girl.
My little baby is all GROWN UP!
While I was getting my haircut, Ellie got her nails and toenails painted. She also enjoyed a lollipop for doing so well during her haircut.
Ellie and I got twin bobs. A fun cut for the summer months..

Monday, June 02, 2008

We're Back...

My Mom had to come back to the states for a couple of weeks to get shoulder surgery so Ellie and I headed to Utah to help her with her recovery. She did amazingly well with her physical therapy and we had TONS of fun while we were there.

The weather in Utah was crazy as was 95 degrees the first week and then snowed a couple of days the second week.
We took a trip down to Provo to get Ellie's haircut (more on that in a later post) and we stopped by the BYU bookstore to get some memorabilia for the kiddos. They LOVED their, as Ellie calls it, BIU shirts.
We took an adventure on Thomas the Train that was in town. What a fun little trip!
Ellie SO excited to see Thomas.
The trip... brrr it was chilly put Ellie HAD to wear her skirt as usual.
Ellie with my Mom, the trooper. Can you believe she had just had surgery?
Brandon came into town for Memorial Day weekend. We headed to Main Street Park City for our usual fun little adventure....we rode the trolley....
Stopped at the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory....
Chose some goodies....
And then stopped for ice cream. What a treat! Thanks Grandma!

We had such a fun visit with my Mom. She worked so hard the whole time on her physical therapy but she was such a sport the entire time we were there. Thanks Mom! Glad you are doing better!